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About GLP360

GLP360 was born out of a partnership between two companies, Athena Partners and Ciall, capturing the existing synergy of their individual competencies, in order to provide their customers with comprehensive expertise about the LPG business.


Athena works with business performance diagnosis (operational, financial and administrative) and management tools to improve processes and performance indicators. Its competences have enabled GLP360 to be born strong in strategic planning, commercialization, performance analysis, also bringing know-how in technology platforms (automation of team routines, use of IoT and artificial intelligence), which help business management.


Ciall brought its long contribution in the areas of supply, operations, distribution, regulation and strategy to the market.


Both already worked with analysis and trends in the sector, as well as training.


This union enabled the set up of a unique human capital for the LPG universe, putting GLP360 available to the market, a differentiated brand, aimed especially at the LPG industry.

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