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Ivo Gastaldoni Filho

Senior professional with extensive experience in the LPG industry, he has worked as director of operations for major companies in the sector such as Nacional Gás of the Edson Queiroz Group and Minasgás of the SHV Group, having been responsible for the areas of transport, distribution logistics, production, supply, as well as sizing, maintenance and development of the entire production park. With extensive knowledge of the sector, he also represented these companies on regulatory issues, interacting with government entities and other economic agents.


As a member of the executive board of Sindigás for 13 years, he has accumulated the position of director of operations of the same entity.


Founder of Ciall, a company that provides consulting services for LPG industries.


Mechanical and Security Engineer from PUC-RJ, and Business Administrator from FGV (Fundação Getúlio Vargas).


Peter W. Bodolay

Executive with 28 years of experience in large multinational companies in the Oil & Gas industry, such as the Royal Dutch Shell Group and SHV Group, he has worked in several areas such as Engineering, Finance, Strategic Planning, New Business Development, Sales, Marketing , Operations, Turnaround, Acquisitions and Governance, having held leadership positions, inside and outside Brazil, and having led several local and virtual cross-functional teams, geographically dispersed.


Founder of Athena Partners, a company that provides business performance advisory and consulting services in the energy and retail segments, focusing mainly on improvements in business processes, development of strategic plans and competitive positioning as well as support in mergers and acquisitions. Additionally, it works in partnerships to offer its customers solutions in technology, infrastructure and energy efficiency.


Graduated in Mechanical Engineering from Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF), holds MBA's in Business Management from COPPEAD and in Finance from IBMEC, having attended to several training courses in the Shell Group, both in Brazil and abroad, as well as to a Leadership programme in Wharton Business School - Pennsylvania.

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